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As a BA Business Psychology student, you will have the opportunity to engage in mentoring to help you develop appropriate behaviours. This is a provision aimed at supporting you in your professional personal development by enabling you to further reflect on your practice. The mentoring provision means you will have access to a number of mentoring sessions.

It is generally accepted that mentoring is provided by individuals with more experience than you and may be from your own specialist field of expertise or from an area you are seeking to understand and explore as part of your professional development. Mentoring is often offered by those wishing to contribute back to their profession or organisation and can often take the form of a long-term arrangement and relationship.

As you probably appreciate from this brief introduction to mentoring, the relationship created in a mentoring context is professional, personal, confidential and based on mutual trust. Therefore, it is important that the relationship works for both parties. As a result, we encourage you to make contact with your mentor in order to have an initial conversation about mentoring and how you want to work together. Preview the mentor biographies below to identify and contact your preferred mentor. When you have your initial conversation, you can start to establish your relationship and decide whether you are happy to continue with your appointed mentor.

You will be encouraged to have and embrace a mentoring relationship which contributes towards your continued development. You may already have a mentor so this is an ideal opportunity to bring that relationship into your personal development profile.

You will need to discuss the logistics of the mentoring (face-to-face meeting / phone / skype / etc) at times that suit you both. This flexible approach is designed to give you the scope and freedom to contact your mentor at a time that is important and appropriate to you and your development.

The mentoring is for your benefit and your personal development so please take advantage of this offering to maximise your learning and development potential. If for any reason you are not content with the relationship or the mentor allocated please let me know and we can explore the option of an alternative coach.

We are delighted that you will have the opportunity to work with one of the following mentors:

Ursula Clidière

Certified Business Coach

Dr. Clidière’s passion and Business Coaching expertise reside in Executive Coaching, Leadership Development and individual ‘Performance ‘Boosting’. Ursula also works with Coaches and Executives as Coach Supervisor to support the continued professional development and resourcing for Coaches and Executives.

Aside from Business Coaching and Coach Supervision, Dr. Clidière enjoys her Faculty role at the Global Institute of Organizational Coaching where she is certified to teach both the CBC™ (Certified Business Coach) and the RCC™ (Registered Business Coach) designation classes.

In a former role at a Fortune 100 company, Dr. Clidière was responsible for establishing and governing Quality Management Systems across the company’s US domestic and international facilities. Spending many years in a high achievement working culture with high compliance and regulatory demands in a highly competitive field has created her recipe for Coaching today.

Ursula received her doctoral degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the Harold Abel School of Psychology, Capella University, US in 2005. Ursula Clidière holds both, the CBC™ (Certified Business Coach) and the RCC™ (Registered Business Coach) designation with the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches.

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Clare Mulligan

Business Psychologist

Clare is a Chartered Psychologist and researcher in the area of organisational behaviour and regularly provides consultancy & research projects to both public and private sector companies in the areas of diversity, workforce planning and leadership. Clare has developed specialisms in diversity and inclusion, especially gender and age diversity, inclusive leadership and unconscious bias.

Clare holds an MSc in Work and Organisational Psychology from Dublin City University (DCU), a BA in Psychology from Dublin Business School (DBS). She is a current doctoral researcher with Birkbeck University in which she is studying career transitions for older workers.  Clare is the previous Chair for the Division of Work and Organisational Psychologists (DWOP). Clare is also a Chartered Psychologist with the British Psychology Society (BPS). She is a member of the Chartered Institute of Professional Development (CIPD). She is an accredited executive coach.

Before becoming a psychologist, Clare worked for over 20 years in senior roles in the financial services sector, and now mixes her business experience and psychological theory to understand the challenges faced by organisations and help develop the best solutions. Her strengths lie in being able to apply psychological theory and best practice to organisational needs. Her experience can ensure that any interventions are evidence based using academic research, practitioner best practice and the context of the business needs. She uses data and learning analytics to support any interventions to ensure behavior changes are monitored and measured, and that any agreed actions are accountable.

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Dr Darren Stevens

Dr Stevens’ expertise resides in our construction of our thinking, and has demonstrated that this construction transcends context. Forever the contrarian, Darren has turned his passion into a business where he utilises the ideas behind Constructed Development Theory to redefine what is coaching and mentoring from a self-awareness perspective. By focusing on how you construct your thinking, the mentoring journey begins from a brand new starting point.

After working for a number of large organisations, such as General Electric and the NHS, Darren left the business world to focus on his own development with a view to developing others. He began with a Psychology degree to support his existing Business degree, as well as an NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner certification, which included professional coaching, modelling and mentoring practices.

However, this wasn’t enough, so he began an MSc in Psychology and Behavioural Science at Coventry University, which led to his PhD, where he developed his own theory of cognitive behaviour. He called it Constructed Development Theory and he uses its principles to coach and mentor MBA students in London, as well as SME business owners, and high-level managers as part of his own consultancy.

Darren received his doctoral degree in Psychology and Behavioural Sciences from Coventry University in 2020. He is not convinced there are qualifications for coaching that mean anything, as no taught process will guarantee a successful outcome if the coach resides at a lower Dynamic Intelligence than their client. In fact, this relationship is potentially destructive, and it is this understanding Darren wants to bring to the coaching community via his own research.

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“It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge.”

-Albert Einstein

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